Okay, so our StarCraft 2 players won't actually strip for you, but they'd be more than happy to break down some sexy SC2 strategies! Eventually, we'll start charging for some (but not all!) of these tutorials and lessons, but for the time being, help yourself to one of NA's top StarCraft 2 team's best-kept secrets! Here's the first one.

Yankee Takes 1st Place in GSLPRO Tournament
written by Rage - Mar 14, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/reach.jpgThe newest member of the Binary Gaming Team, Yankee aka John Windschauer, more recently took 1st place in a Halo Reach Free-For-All Tournament held by GSLPRO (Gamers Society League.) He finished at the Top of the scoreboards in each of the 3 FFA matches that he played in the Tournament. When asked about his accomplishment Yankee responded “I have only been a part of Binary Gaming for a couple of weeks now but I already feel like I belong here. I am very passionate about competitive gaming. It’s great to be apart of a group that shares the same passion that I do. I have a lot of work to do in competitive gaming before I get to where I want to be. When I get there I won’t forget where I came from and those that were with me from the beginning.”

Yankee will be participating in the upcoming MLG Tournament held in Columbus, OH for Free-For-All in Halo Reach. The Binary Team will be supporting and rooting for Yankee, if you’d like to watch Yankees FFA GSL tournament win be sure to visit the YouTube Video Here. If you’d like more information on the Tournament itself feel free to stop by GSL PRO.

Written By:
Andrew “UHDrummer360” Alvarez

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Bow to the Master. Again. SteelSeries Sensei [RAW]
written by horizilla - Mar 08, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/steel_series_news.jpgSENSEI VS. SENSEI [RAW] Sensei is the worlds most customizable mouse and it features it’s own 32bit ARM processor (which allows us to double up sensitivity, to 11,400 DCPI), can be configured thru a LCD menu system on the back and has 16,8 million colors. SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] did away with processor, the LCD menu system and the on-board memory. If you don’t travel around the world as a pro gamer, if you don’t plug into tournament computers and if you don’t need all the colors, this is a much more price conscious option. Same world class performance, same amazing customization options, now…

Free Shipping Till March 4th
written by horizilla - Feb 16, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/steel_series_news.jpgFree Shipping for SteelSeries U.S. Customers For Using PayNearMe Beginning today and running through March 4th, all customers in the U.S. who choose to pay with the PayNearMe option, will receive FREE SHIPPING on their SteelSeries peripheral order. Customers who prefer to use cash are able to place their order on the SteelSeries Web Shop and then pay for their peripherals in person at more than 6,400 7-Eleven store locations across the US. With PayNearMe, consumers simply place their product order, choose PayNearMe as their payment option, include their zip code and then choose the closest…

Breaking News from Steelseries
written by horizilla - Jan 28, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/steel_series_news.jpgFROM BREAKING RECORDS TO WINNING MORE THAN $2 MILLION IN 2011, STEELSERIES SPONSORED TEAMS KICK OFF ESPORTS IN 2012
SteelSeries Teams Began This Year in Tournaments with the Intel Extreme Masters, Taking Home First and Second Place in Counter-Strike
CHICAGO - Jan. 25, 2012 SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium-quality gaming peripherals, announced that on the coattails of a successful 2011 eSports season, which ended with record breaking wins and more than $2 Million in overall team winnings, this weekend during the Intel Extreme Masters…

Two forces collide
written by ryoda - Jan 16, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/sc2.pngBinary Gaming will be sponsoring a $100 monthly showmatch series against some of the top teams in North America! To kick off the series, Binary Gaming will be taking on vVv Gaming in a best of 9, all-kill style match. Tune in at 7:00 EST on Friday, January 20th to watch these great teams go at it. vVv’s Roster for the event will consist of: vVvRuFF (T) vVvStarkad (T) vVvDaisuki (Z) vVvRocker (P) vVvHasuu (P) Binary’s roster will include: bnYAce (Xenocider) (T) bnYLua (Z) bnYDice (Z) bnYWompbeatz (Z) bnYParadise (T) The map pool will include GSL Daybreak, GSL Bel’Shir Beach, MLG Antiga Shipyard, MLG…

Tutorials and lessons: Coming soon to Binary-Gaming.org!
written by shoostar - Jan 09, 2012

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/sc2.pngA lot of people noticed our recent “Protoss vs. Zerg Opener” Tutorial that Candide posted on Youtube about 2 weeks ago, and we’ve also had a large number of people asking for more tutorials and lessons. We don’t have anything set in stone yet, and we won’t until a few more things are finalized in regards to the website. For the time being though, a couple of our players have offered to volunteer some of their free time to making some tutorial videos, and we’re also taking into consideration a few different options for the personalized lessons. What does this mean for you? This means that you’ll have one of North…

Binary Gaming Giveaway, and two new additions to our SC2 team
written by horizilla - Nov 10, 2011

http://www.binary-gaming.org/clancms/views/themes/binary/images/binary.jpgBinary Gaming (http://www.binary-gaming.org) is announcing a giveaway for a 600GB Western Digital Velociraptor Hard Drive, valued at over $320! Check it out at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136555. In order to win, you must follow BinaryGaming1 on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and tweet anything to @BinaryGaming1! The winner will be randomly selected from people who qualify under those criteria. The drawing will…

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